Police Beat

Information provided by the Richfield Police Department compiled by Ken Miles

Someone broke into the new water tower and spray painted graffiti on the wall. They were careful to remove any incriminating evidence such as spray cans. Two other things the perps need to consider: surveillance cameras and their own big mouths. The Revere SRO officer is all ears.

A local trucking company fired an employee due to issues involving his temper when driving. Before departing, the man vandalized the cab of his truck to the tune of $2,676 and used it for a urinal.

North Royalton police made an OVI arrest and noticed fresh damage to the car’s front end. The driver said she was coming from a tavern in Richfield so Royalton called Richfield Police. Searching the area near 303 and 176, officers found a damaged mailbox and pieces of the car. Additional charges were filed.

In the case of polar plunge “lite,” a group of kids were reported jumping into a private pond on Whitethorn Circle. The owner felt jumping into 45 degree water was punishment enough.

On I-77 SB, the driver of a U-Haul truck pulled into a construction area to let his passengers relieve themselves. When trying to turn around the truck got stuck. It was winched out and towed to the tow company’s storage yard. A very expensive potty break.

At a church on Route 303, a man entered the sanctuary 30 minutes after the start of the worship service. He sat down, started talking to himself and creating a disturbance. At some point he started yelling and acting aggressively toward an elderly female. Several congregants escorted him out and gave him $30 before he left. An officer stopped him on 271 SB and asked what happened at the church. He stated he was attending the service when he realized he was the only black person there and let the congregation know it. A records check showed he engaged in similar behavior at two other churches in the area. He caused a disturbance, was escorted out and asked for money before he left.

At a health care facility on Broadview Road, an employee’s husband verbally accosted her. The woman moved the argument outside, but as she turned to leave he spat on her. She told officers he had been physically and verbally abusive for sometime. An hour later the husband called the station to give his side of the story. He believed there was a possibility she might be cheating and he was getting a divorce. He was advised to avoid her place of employment.

On Southern Road, a resident stated someone had been leaving bags of trash at the Eastwood Preserve. A village employee told him it had been going on for months. The resident would try to video the perpetrator.

In reference to telephone harassment, a resident reported receiving numerous phone calls from a Chris Mullan trying to sell him health insurance. Whenever he blocked the caller, he would call from a different line. An officer called Mr. Mullan to tell him the resident filed a complaint and did not want to be contacted again. The man said he would remove the resident’s name from his call list.

On Monica Drive, a resident complained about noise coming from two trucking companies on Brecksville Road that abut the man’s property. He said loud noises including trailers being switched can be heard at all hours of the day and night. The zoning department said the businesses are within the industrial district and are operating within their regulations.

On Crandall Avenue, multiple calls were received about an elderly man banging on doors and yelling. His daughter, who lives nearby, said her father lives in her basement but she does not want him there. She is trying to arrange for his transport back to Indiana.

Meanwhile back at the motel:

A woman was staying at the motel with her husband and their 10 week-old baby. The young woman called her grandmother and said her husband had hurt her and was using drugs again. The girl’s mother showed up, under advise of Child Protective Services, to pick up the baby, but her daughter refused to let her take her. An officer on site asked the girl how she injured her hand and cut her lip. She stated she fell but didn’t know how or where. The husband stated everything was fine and they were getting along. An emergency custody order of out Lorain court was obtained and the baby was transferred to the mother.

A woman stated she awoke from a nap to find her boyfriend on his phone. She commented, “instead of watching YouTube, you should be looking for a job.” This excited his ire whereupon she left the room and he followed. When advised the police had been called, he ran into the woods and could not be located. He had an outstanding warrant for domestic violence. The woman stated the room was in her name and she didn’t want him back.

Graduating seniors:

Congratulations. Don’t do anything stupid to ruin the last two months of your senior year. ∞