Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Having been accustomed to thorough and interesting articles covering the Bath community goings on, and history over the years, it was very disappointing for me, as well as I’m sure many in the Bath community, to read the sorely lacking, February 2024 issue regarding the closing of Garth Andrew Company after 75 years.

While a thorough overview and tribute to Jeff Andrew and his daughter Jill was provided, two very significant founding members of the business were completely discarded.

Betty Andrew, wife of Garth Andrew, worked tirelessly throughout the years after her husband’s death, further developing the foundation of the business, and training her sons to ensure its growth and success. Whit Andrew, the unnamed son and brother in the article, was vice-president of Garth Andrew. He managed internal office responsibilities, the building and property maintenance, as well as hands on in-field installation of furniture, artwork and décor.

While the closing of Garth Andrew was inevitable, due to deaths in the family and the retirement of Jeff Andrew, the negligence and/or dismissal of the years long contribution from both Betty and Whit, whether intentional or accidental, is disconcerting, as well as highly disrespectful, particularly to the memory of Whit Andrew, who recently passed away.

Perhaps a review of prior Bath Country Journal archival articles could offer enlightenment on the missing contributions, and an article on Akron.com regarding the passing of Whit Andrew could inform of the standing he had in the Bath community. ∞

Marsha Michaels

Sharon Woods Road