Enter contest to win perennial plants

Spring is here, and many are planning their flower gardens.

To encourage would-be gardeners of all ages to experience the joy of having their own spot in the sun, the Richfield Historical Society is planning a contest in conjunction with the their garden tour and plant sale on Saturday, June 8.

One lucky entrant will receive a dozen or so perennial plants to start their own garden. The only requirement is to write a one-paragraph essay on why you would like to have a garden in your own yard, and submit it to the Richfield Historical Society, 3907 Broadview Rd., Richfield OH 44286 by April 30.

It could be a Victory Garden celebrating the survival of COVID. It could be a garden in memory of a grandparent who loved flowers. Just write your thoughts in one paragraph and submit it by April 26.

The winner will be able to claim their prize at the plant sale on June 8. ∞

Photo: The hellebore is one perennial that should grace everyone’s garden. ScripType file photo.