Bath plans park adjustments

by Laura Bednar

March 18 township trustees meeting

Bath Township approved a $4,000 agreement with Valuation Service for appraisal services at the North Fork Preserve property at 4400 Everett Rd. Township Administrator/Police Chief Vito Sinopoli said the North Fork property is under a conservation easement, which precludes use of the entire property for any type of revenue generation.

He said the township is “interested in exploring options for revenue generation utilizing the large barn” on the property. Before considering barn renovations, the township will petition the National Resource Assistance Council to transfer the conservation easement to two acres at Bath Hill Park on N. Revere Road, freeing up two acres at North Fork Preserve for potential revenue generation. An appraisal is required as part of the NRAC review.

The township received a $120,000 state capital grant for the North Fork Preserve in 2022. The grant agreement stipulated the project should be completed by June 2024. Sinopoli said the township had “encountered challenges” and just finalized drawings by Peninsula Architects for renovation of the on-site residential home. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources approved a project deadline extension of Dec. 31, 2025.

Trustees authorized an application to the state of Ohio for capital budget funding. Bath is requesting $960,000 for pickleball court expansion at Bath Community Park, 1615 N. Cleveland-Massillon Rd.

“We’ve seen tremendous interest in this area and expansion of pickleball seems to be what residents have requested,” said Sinopoli, adding that he spoke with Richfield and Hudson city officials about their pickleball courts to get an idea of cost.

Trustee Elaina Goodrich said the plan would be to add six pickleball courts west of the parking lot near the tennis courts. ∞