Rethinking Food Waste: Prevention with ReWorks

by Marcie E. Kress, Executive Director, ReWorks

Food waste is something we’ve all encountered, whether it’s scrap vegetable peels, the last bite of food left uneaten or food kept in the fridge too long. When food is discarded, not only are the nutrients within it going to waste, but the resources that were used to grow it, transport it, prepare it and store it as well as the money used to buy it are all wasted too. When considering all the loss tied up in wasted food, it is easy to see how even the smallest amounts quickly add up.

To inspire your success preventing food waste we have a few simple tips:

Shop with a list and start in your pantry.

Checking what you have before going to the store can help prevent a surplus of ingredients while sticking to a list of what you need can prevent items from spoiling before they are used.

Plan meals around what you have and how long it stays fresh.

Prioritizing the use of food items based on shelf life will help ensure items get eaten before they spoil. Consider organizing your fridge in a way that keeps items that should be used sooner in view so you’re less likely to forget about them before they spoil.

Know how to store your food and how to preserve it.

Knowing the storage environments that keep your food items freshest extend their use while pickling, canning or freezing can preserve food until you’re ready and able to use it.

Have a plan for excess.

Surplus food happens and you may not have room to store it or time to use it. Reaching out to family, friends, food banks and shelters to share can help prevent waste. If sharing isn’t an option, composting may be. Composting helps prevent the loss of nutrients from food waste and generates compost that can be used in your yard or garden. Check out our backyard compost guide at

April 1-7 is Food Waste Prevention Week, a week where entities around the world work together to educate and inspire action to prevent food waste. For more resources on food waste reduction, visit, Instagram @summitreworks or call 330-374-0383. Remember, even if you are just beginning, the smallest food waste prevention actions add up quickly too.

ReWorks, the solid waste management authority for Summit County, provides programs, services and community outreach on waste reduction, recycling and other materials management strategies.

Marcie E. Kress, Executive Director, ReWorks

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