Police Beat

Feb. 3 – Police received a call from neighboring police agencies asking officers to execute a search warrant at an Independence hotel where a suspect was evicted by the staff and was refusing to leave. The suspect, police said, had multiple felony warrants and cautions for violent tendencies. The suspect was found on the floor between two beds. He refused to speak or stand and had to be carried out of the room by police. He was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Feb. 18 – The driver of a Honda Accord and his passenger were cited on charges of marijuana possession after a patrol officer spotted the vehicle traveling in excess of 80 mph on Interstate 77 north. Officers detected the smell of marijuana inside the vehicle and spotted a plastic plate on the front passenger floorboard consistent with a “rolling plate” sold at smoke shops. The 18-year-old driver and his 18-year-old passenger admitted to being in possession of marijuana under the age of 21. Police also confiscated two open bottles of alcohol in the vehicle’s trunk, along with a small digital scale.

Feb. 20 – Police were dispatched to a Brecksville Road business after a vehicle crashed into a fire hydrant while exiting a car wash. The hydrant, which was found lying on the sidewalk, was moved to a safe location by the fire department. ∞