Police Beat

Information provided by the Independence Police Department

Jan. 28—An intoxicated male was cited for disorderly conduct at a Jefferson Drive hotel.

Jan. 30—A female was arrested for prostitution and possession of criminal tools at a Rockside Place hotel.

Jan. 31—A male employee of a Rockside Place restaurant was arrested after stealing a fellow employee’s car from the parking lot.

Feb. 3—Police arrested a male at a Quarry Lane hotel who had felony warrants and was considered armed and dangerous. Officers, with the help of Brecksville, Seven Hills and Brooklyn Heights police, gained entry into the hotel room and shot pepperball irritants into the room to get the male to surrender. The male had two open pocketknives within lunge distance, posing a threat to officers. He also had suspected methamphetamine in the room.

Feb. 8—Police located a stolen vehicle using Flock Safety cameras. The driver was arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle and had marijuana on his person.

Feb. 10—A male was issued summons for disorderly conduct after having a physical altercation with the bartender of a Rockside Road hotel bar.

Feb. 10—During a traffic stop on Rockside Woods Boulevard, police found marijuana and a firearm in the vehicle. The male passenger was issued criminal summons for CCW failure to notify and marijuana paraphernalia possession.

Feb. 17—Police stopped a car on Rockside Woods Boulevard for traffic violations. The driver had marijuana and a handgun in the vehicle. He was charged with having weapons under disability as his criminal history precluded him from possessing a gun.

Feb. 17—During a traffic stop on I-77 North, police found the driver to have a suspended license, expired temporary tag and a prior felony conviction for violation of state drug law, possession of drugs and trafficking in drugs. He also had a firearm in the vehicle and was charged with having weapons under disability.

Feb. 18—Police stopped a vehicle on Rockside Road for tinted windows and the driver was charged with attempted trafficking of marijuana based on the items in his car.

Feb. 18—A pit bull was loose on the third floor of a Rockside Place hotel. The owner was living in the hotel until her house was ready for her to move in. She was cited for having animals at large.

Feb. 21—While conducting a traffic stop on Rockside Road, officers found the driver to be operating the vehicle with metal poles taped to the pedals. He also was in possession of marijuana and a digital scale and was charged with attempted trafficking of marijuana.

Feb. 24—Police stopped a vehicle on Rockside Woods Boulevard for expired plates. The driver was cited for driving under suspension and giving officers false information about his identity.

Feb. 24—A vehicle without headlights or a rear license plate drove erratically on Rockside Road, driving over the center median. Police engaged in a chase with the vehicle, which reached speed rates of 100 miles per hour. Officers saw a large cloud of dust near the corner of State and Snow roads, and the vehicle had crashed into a jewelry store on Snow Road in Parma. Independence officers removed the driver from the vehicle, which was upside down and on fire. The male driver was taken to the hospital, cited with OVI and police requested he be indicted for receiving stolen property, failure to comply and obstructing police business.

Warrant pickup: 11

Warrant drop-off: 7

OVI: 4 ∞