Letter to the Editor

BBH Pride in need of humility

Kudos to Brecksville-Broadview Heights School Superintendent Jeff Harrison who engaged the community in a strategic plan meeting. What a great opportunity to hear many perspectives. We discussed in small groups, then voiced with the larger audience, how our core beliefs and values would forge the district’s direction.

My ‘pod’ offered: “Teach education basics, avoiding political social agendas and sexualization of children” and “if our district was serious about educating well-adjusted children and standards of excellence for graduates who can compete in a global economy, try what works in countries that outrank America in math and science. (Hint: It’s not GSA Clubs, pride symbols and pronoun training.) Successful nations’ protocol: Dress codes; no cell phones; removing social media platforms from school devices.”

I shared this at the February Board of Education meeting in context of the January board public comments, where views were expressed by members of the BBH Pride. We’re all concerned about children’s mental health, however, I was offended by their fear-mongering in the name of ‘excellence’ imposed on the board and community by the presumptuous speakers. The repeated comply-with-our list-of-demands-or-kids-will-die mantra is emotional extortion and bullying. This group makes dubious statistical assertions related to our district, claims victimhood and does not represent all BBH LGBTQ+ citizens.

I trust our school administrators to discern identity politics for what they are and choose a daring, innovative, audacious strategic plan that unifies and elevates our schools above the rest with truth and excellence.

Jan Lukas

Winding Way, Brecksville