Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Stop the bulldozers

I have to say … I’m not happy with how the character of our beloved Independence is changing. West of Brecksville Road, all of the backyards and woods of yesteryear have become a tightening weave of development after development. The forests have been cleared, streams channeled into concrete, rich earth stripped to clay and retention basins touted as a good fix. The “engineers” will fix everything back to new … after they first destroy it.

Right now Mayor Kurtz is pushing really hard on a Concordia development. Half a million dollar mansions … and up! Just what us old folk need in our old age … not! This deal stinks. The city fronting the deal for the developers? That’s a new one. I thought a mayor was supposed to represent our interests. Instead he’s partnering against us. That’s wrong!

The city buying this land is a good idea … but not to develop it. This land would provide the perfect opportunity to extend the Hemlock Road Trail through a beautiful wooded landscape right into the center of Independence. That would truly serve the city and its families for generations to come. The national park is a draw to people throughout the country. Let’s add to its luster, not stupidly put in another development. Keep it a public space! 

Call Mayor Kurtz at 216-524-4131. Tell him no development at Concordia. Tell him you want the green space protected. Remind him who he is supposed to be working for. I think he’s forgotten.

Daniel Sobotka 

Hillside Road