Trustees Corner by Trustees Monique Ascherl, Cyntia Engleman & Jack Swedyk

February was a short month but filled with a lot of activity in the township. We had a special meeting during which we discussed the items on our “wish list” – a list of projects we would like to see completed from excess carryover due to the use of American Rescue Plan funding for roadwork. We all agree that we would like to see projects completed that the entire community will benefit from.

The first project proposed is the replacement of the roofs on the Town Hall Administration Building and the police department. After the roof replacement, we will be adding solar panels to town hall, the police and fire departments and the service department. This will help offset the electric bills every month.

We also discussed replacing the flooring in the administrative building and recoat the flooring in the old fire station, making it safer to host our community events. Additional ideas discussed include placing a new digital sign at the administrative building that is easier to view from the road, and repurposing the stone from the old wall at Maple Hill Cemetery to surround the sign and bring back some of the old character. Sidewalks were also discussed and new planters in the center of town, again reusing the stone from the old wall. Stay tuned for more information on these projects.

As spring is around the corner, this is a friendly reminder to please remove all seasonal decorations from gravesites.  Any items remaining after Monday, April 15 will be removed and discarded.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Buzzard Day later this month as it returns to the former Hinckley Elementary School building, now known as the Hinckley Preparatory Academy. The celebration has been pushed back by a week this year because of St Patrick’s Day. We hope the buzzards get the memo and don’t come home early. ∞