Native plant bundles, kits available through March 5

Summit Soil and Water Conservation District is selling native plants through March 5. This year, offerings will include single plant species purchased in bundles of three. One bundle is $15 with a $12.95 handling charge for each order, not each bundle. Orders will ship from the nursery to the customer’s home between April 2 and 9.

The herbaceous plants include iconic woodland spring ephemerals and come in the form of bare roots and corms just out of dormancy. They are less fragile and easy to plant when the ground is still soft in early April.

The trees and shrubs are bare-root seedlings and should also be planted promptly to ensure successful growth. Don’t place mulch any closer than 6 inches from the stem or trunk of the plant to prevent disease, insect infestation and smothering of the roots.

Summit SWCD is also selling native plant kits for people to create a native plant garden. These gardens help restore Ohio’s native vegetation and improve the water quality and the health of lakes and streams.

The kits are designed for an extended period of bloom and interest. Plant species are labeled by common and botanical name, plant height, bloom time and other growing information. When planted 18 inches on center, one kit of 50 plants will cover approximately 100 square feet.

Each of the four types of kits available has 10-11 different species of native plants and contains 50 individual plants. Substitutions of alternate species may be made without notice if necessary and the substitute species for each kit are listed on the Summit SWCD website. Kits cost $160 and will be shipped directly to the home, with deliveries beginning June 3. No additional shipping charge.

Orders and payment for native plant bundles or kits must be received by March 5 and payment should be in the form of a check made out to Summit SWCD and sent to Summit SWCD-Plant Sale, 1180 South Main St., Suite 230, Akron, Ohio, 44301. Cash and credit cards not accepted.

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