Boston Road to be repaved this year

by Melissa Martin

Feb. 6 trustees meeting

Township trustees unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the Medina County Engineers Office to advertise for bid for township paving projects for Laurel Road, from W. 130th Street to Stony Hill Road, as well as Boston Road, between W. 130th Street and the western city limits of Broadview Heights.

To pass the resolution, trustees also approved an agreement to conduct the Boston Road repaving project jointly with the city of Broadview Heights. Each jurisdiction will pay for 50 percent of project costs.

This project will be a mill-and-fill project, said Mike Behary, the township’s service director.

“We will mill the road down 2 inches and put hot mix of 2inches back on,” said Behary.  “It’ll be a nice, smooth ride and hopefully we get all these potholes fixed,” he said. “It’s definitely time.”

Trustees also passed a resolution to the sell the fire safety trailer, purchased cooperatively with Granger and Sharon townships in 2004.

Hinckley Fire Chief Jestin Grossenbaugh told trustees the trailer is well past its prime and is need of several repairs – both to keep it roadworthy and to use it as a classroom.

“There are rotting floorboards inside, it’s falling apart,” Grossenbaugh said. “Nobody has used it in the past several years, but it has served its purpose well as hundreds of children have been sent through for education [over the past 20 years].”

Grossenbaugh said the trailer will be sold as part of an online auction and all proceeds from the sale will be split evenly between the three townships.

To replace the fire safety trailer, Hinckley Fire Department purchased a new inflatable fire safety house in 2023.

Trustees also approved:

  • $8,300 in appropriations requested by Grossenbaugh to purchase various sizes of fire hose through Fire Safety Services.
  • $1,140 in new scheduling software for the fire department.
  • A $3,772 payment for Hinckley’s All-Hazard Team’s participation in the Medina County Emergency Management Agency.

Grossenbaugh also announced that the Hinckley Firefighters Association has smoke detectors to pass out to any resident of the township who may be in need of a working smoke detector.

“I don’t know how many of you saw the news, but there was a fire in Brunswick recently and the occupants barely made it out,” Grossenbaugh said, noting there were no smoke detectors found in the house which contributed to the family’s injuries.

Grossenbaugh said the township does not want to see an incident such as this happen in the township.

“If you need one, we will find a way to get you one,” he said. ∞