Superintendent’s Corner – Casey Wright

Embracing the future: the Senior Internship Project at Nordonia High School

I am excited to share the latest news about the Senior Internship Project at Nordonia High School. This program is a testament to our commitment to innovative education, designed to prepare our students for both college and life by bridging the gap between high school learning and real-world experience.

The Senior Project is an optional, yet highly rewarding initiative, available to deserving seniors who have demonstrated good character, consistent attendance and academic diligence. 

What sets this program apart are the opportunities it provides:

  • Real-world experience: Students engage in meaningful, self-designed projects outside of the classroom, gaining hands-on experience that is invaluable in nurturing independence and practical skills.
  • Career exploration: Exposure to various career paths and community professionals broadens their horizons and sparks interests in fields they may not have considered in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Community partnership: Through planning and executing these projects, students form bonds with local businesses and organizations, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
  • Personal growth: From conceptualization to realization, the journey of the Senior Project is a testament to our students’ growth, resilience and adaptability.

Community involvement is a crucial element in the success of this project. We are actively seeking local professionals across all fields to host our seniors for a 40-hour internship this spring. This is an opportunity for our students to learn and grow, and for our community to directly contribute to shaping the future of our youth.

If you are interested in becoming a community partner, please consider filling out our form. Your participation will create a diverse database of opportunities, allowing our students to connect with professionals they might not otherwise meet.

Remember, filling out this form is the first step in a potentially transformative experience for both you and a Nordonia senior. By hosting an intern, you are molding a future leader, innovator or entrepreneur.

Let’s invest in our students’ futures and, by extension, the future of our community. Together, let’s show them the vast possibilities that lie ahead and equip them with the tools to seize them.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in the power of education. ∞