Broadview Heights offers etiquette class for kids

by Emily Canning-Dean

Whether they want them to learn basic table manners, build confidence or just have a fun and interactive experience, parents can enroll their children in an etiquette class offered by the city of Broadview Heights in partnership with The Ohio Etiquette Factory.

These two-hour classes are for children ages 7 and up and take place at Burntwood Tavern, 8188 Brecksville Rd.

Certified Children’s Etiquette and Manners Instructor Kimberlee Franz has been teaching these classes since 2015.

“Kids learn how to set the table from start to finish in the class,” Franz said. “They learn about uses of their napkin and where to put it when they are finished. They will learn about the American style of dining as well as the continental style of dining, how to properly use utensils and pass dishes. They also learn what to do if they drop or spill something. They learn how to be a host and how to be guest. They are exposed to the difference between a four-course meal and a seven-course meal.”

Franz said she allows up to 25 children in the class, but added the average class size is 10-15 kids.

“The whole class is very interactive and the kids get a full meal,” she said. “Half of the meal we focus on American style dining and half on continental style dining.”

Franz said the class is a confidence builder for children.

“It is a useful life skill,” she said. “It helps them to know what to expect when they are dining out with their parents and, as they get older, they might have a job interview where they are asked to dine with the potential employer. This class gives them a leg up so they can move forward with these things with confidence.”

Franz said she offers this program to private schools in the area and added that by offering the program through the city of Broadview Heights, she can reach all demographics of families and children.

“It’s wonderful to see how the children light up and become more comfortable with these kinds of interactions,” she said. “My teaching style is very collaborative and I explain there is never a dumb question so kids will ask questions like, ‘What do I do if I have to cough?’ or ‘What should I do with my cell phone?’ They have also asked if they should pile up their dishes up somewhere.”

Kids often leave the class excited to apply what they have learned, Franz said.

“Often, the same families who have registered children for the class in the past will return so that younger siblings can take the class. Sometimes the older siblings join them because they want to take the class again,” she said.

Franz said kids are sent home with a flyer that reminds them how to properly put together a place setting so they can practice at home with their families.

Franz said Broadview Heights will offer the classes again on Sunday, May 5, from 3 to 5 p.m., and Monday, July 8, from 5 to 7 p.m. She recommends that anyone interested register their child as soon as possible as the classes tend to fill up fast.

The fee is $60 per child and anyone interested in registering should contact Catherine Spera at

Franz said parents who want to learn more about the class can visit her website at The specific class she teaches at Broadview Heights is called “Perfectly Polite Dining Etiquette” and visitors can read a full description of the class on the website.

Photo (main / above): Children’s etiquette classes will be offered by the city in May and July for parents who want their children to become more comfortable in social situations. Photo by Cathi Conti-Sinsabaugh.