Police Beat

Information provided by the Richfield Police Department compiled by Ken Miles

Have you received a call from the “National Police and Troopers Association?” Before you pull the trigger on your credit card, search that name. I wouldn’t call it a scam, I will let that up to the people who have investigated them. The “NPTA” filed with the IRS in 2017 showing $16 million was raised from contributions while $70,000 went to charities and $14 million went to “professional fundraising services.” (Source: NNY360.com by Richard Rosentreter, Feb. 26, 2023.)

If you want to support our men in blue, make your donation to Richfield FOP Lodge 66, c/o Chief Michael Swanson, 4450 W. Streetsboro Rd., Richfield.

On Everett Road., a resident received two threatening texts from associates of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Fellowship. The man said he was no longer a member and the club wants their logo removed from his chest. It seems your girlfriend’s name isn’t the only tattoo you shouldn’t get.

A local construction company received two checks totaling $21,999.32. They bounced. The owner was advised how to proceed.

Officers responded to a tanker truck stuck in the median on I-77 NB. The driver stated that while drinking coffee he had a coughing jag and ran off the roadway. Concrete barriers had to be removed before the truck could be winched out.

On Broadview Road at Wakefield Drive a car was stopped in the roadway. As an officer opened the door he caught an unconscious woman as she fell out of the seat. As she came around she uttered she was President of the United States on a secret mission to California. She was transported to the hospital for observation. Time 3:07 p.m.

On I-77 NB, a man struck a dead deer causing significant damage to the front end of his Mazda CX5.

A woman drove beyond the parking area at the Eastwood Preserve and became stuck. A flatbed summoned to pull her out also became stuck.

A truck driver was causing a disturbance with a clerk at a truck stop. When the restaurant manager tried to intervene, the trucker threatened to shoot him. The man was gone before the police arrived.

A man was stopped after leaving a local bar and grill. Through slurred speech, he explained he “was upset,” “got into it” with a guy in the bar and his girlfriend dumped him. After a subpar performance on the field sobriety tests, he was arrested for OVI. His subsequent conversation with the officer included “skinny little punk” he would “put down in a second.” “Don’t _ _ _ _ with me” and “I will take you out.” He was cited for OVI, expired license and refusing a breath test. Concerning his threatening language to the officer – sticks and stones.

On Everett Road, officers responded to a domestic argument that involved accusations of cheating. A visibly intoxicated woman was using her body to block a man’s car until they had a conversation. Officers explained she could not do that.

As she walked across the truck stop parking lot, a woman stated another woman in a box van tried to run her over. Horn honking begat yelling, which escalated to name calling such as “crazy psychotic bitch,” threats of pepper spray and possible gunplay. It got ugly. Neither combatant wished to press charges. Gasoline was $2.67 a gallon.

At a local liquor store, a man found $400 in the parking lot and turned it into police.

On Robert Burns Drive, a man stated his wife threatened their five children with a knife and said she would push them off a second story balcony. The woman stated her family was disobedient and disrespectful toward her and she was sick of it. The husband was reluctant to press charges. ∞