Township amends winter parking ban

by Laura Bednar

Dec. 11 township trustees meeting

Sagamore Hills trustees amended the community parking ban to prohibit parking on any township street or highway during a snow emergency when snow exceeds 2 inches.

The resolution states that the ban will go into effect two hours after the declaration of a snow emergency. The ban will be announced through local media outlets and will contain the hour it goes into effect and if it will remain indefinitely or include an end time.

Trustee Paul Schweikert said the amendment “has the ability to stop potential accidents.” He added that township police will give first-time offenders a warning for violating the ban, but repeat offenders will be fined and charged with a minor misdemeanor, according to the resolution.

“It’s a health, safety, welfare issue, especially with school buses,” said Schweikert.

Signs will be installed around the township to notify residents of the ban and Schweikert said he would notify local homeowners associations.

Trustee David DePasquale noted township purchases, including $13,950 for overhead doors at the fire station, which will be reimbursed through a Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council grant. The final cost of the 2023 concrete repair program was $91,167.

Trustees approved buying a fully equipped 2023 police utility vehicle for $63,000. The order was placed in early January 2024. ∞