High school earns Gold Standard in financial education

North Royalton High School is one of 180 high schools in Ohio that require a stand-alone personal finance course prior to graduation.

According to Next Gen Personal Finance, a nonprofit provider that offers a personal finance curriculum, this qualifies the school to receive the Gold Standard in financial education.

“With 23 states now requiring a personal finance course for all high school students, NGPF celebrates the high schools, like North Royalton High School, that are ahead of this exciting trend. Congratulations to North Royalton High School for teaching real-life skills like budgeting, credit management, career preparation and beyond,” said Christian Sherrill, NGPR director for partnerships and advocacy.

Having a solid understanding of personal finance is important in so many aspects of life beyond high school, said NRHS Principal Sean Osborne.

“Our teachers have built a high quality curriculum that will pay dividends for North Royalton students for years to come.” 

Kriste Smith, Kathy Zink and John Barlock are the instructors for the NRHS personal finance course.  In addition to offering a personal finance course, NRHS also offers business courses in accounting, building your brand (marketing & social media marketing), entrepreneurship and sports and entertainment management. 

“NGPF is such an amazing resource for both teachers and students,” said teacher Kriste Smith. “They have worked tirelessly to develop an up-to-date, engaging, hands-on curriculum that students enjoy while at the same time supporting teachers in their own content development.” ∞