Akron Zoo launches new pricing structure

The Akron Zoo changed its pricing structure to plan-ahead pricing, which will offer variable admission prices.

Guests can select admission price based on their date of visit. Buying tickets in advance at akronzoo.org will offer a lower price point. Tickets will be available up to 60 days in advance.

Other factors – such as attendance patterns, event popularity, holidays and weather – will be considered for the daily admission rate. Lower-priced days will tend to see smaller crowds or have fewer activities. Higher-price days are more popular visit days, will have larger crowds and may have more activities available.

Tickets will continue to be sold at the zoo’s ticket counter. Day-of tickets will be available at the highest price. Guests who do not have the option to purchase tickets online can call 330-375-2550 for assistance in securing tickets in advance. ∞