Bath to install Flock license plate cameras

by Laura Bednar

Dec. 4 township trustees meeting

Bath Township will install 10 Flock Safety license plate reader cameras throughout the township. Flock Safety company offers public safety operating systems to law enforcement agencies, commercial businesses, schools and neighborhood associations, according to its website.

Bath police tested the cameras over the past six months. Police Chief Vito Sinopoli explained that unless the township maintains 10 cameras, police will not have access to the nationwide network of Flock cameras.

The license plate recognition cameras alert officers to the location of vehicles involved in missing persons cases, Amber Alerts or to individuals who have active warrants, according to Sinopoli. The cameras also alert police about stolen vehicles.

There is a strict policy to protect privacy and data usage, and Flock Safety will store camera information. “There are policies and procedures in place to secure the information,” said Sinopoli.

He added that Revere schools have six cameras embedded in locations near their facilities.

Bath entered into a two-year agreement with Flock Safety for $35,500 in year one and $30,000 in year two to provide the cameras.

Building and park updates

A new restroom will be constructed on the ground floor of the Bath Center building, across from the trustees meeting room. Service Director and Interim Parks Director Caine Collins said the plan is to convert a storage room into a handicap accessible unisex bathroom. Bath is paying Four Points Architecture Services $6,300 to develop construction plans and specifications.

Trustee Sean Gaffney said the only restrooms in the building are in the dispatch area. “[This update] is long overdue,” he said.

Collins said an access drive was added to the North Fork Preserve, allowing construction vehicles entry to the third loop of the triple loop trail so work can continue throughout winter and spring.

Repairs continue on the North Fork barn. Water damaged panels were removed and replaced and new windows and gutters were installed. ∞