Township adopts digital filing system

by Laura Bednar

Nov. 13 township trustees meeting

Sagamore Hills is partnering with Toshiba to digitally store township records, including zoning permits, agendas, meeting minutes and resolutions through the software program “DocuWare Cloud Solution.”

Trustee David DePasquale said the software will inventory records, streamline public records requests and make it easy for officials and police to search for a particular record.

The software is programmed to follow a record retention schedule and will automatically delete records after they reach their storage time limit. DePasquale said this reduces the need for shredding physical documents at the end of their life cycle.

Fiscal Officer Laura Steimle said the cost for initial design and training on the software is $1,750 plus a $375 monthly fee for using the system, which covers five users. The plan is to start using the system in January. DePasquale said trustees are still deciding what to do with the old physical records. Steimle said Toshiba could scan the old records into the system for $100 per month.

Steimle organized and sorted years’ worth of physical records. Township Attorney Jeff Snell said digitizing the records “takes it a step further.” Trustee John Zaccardelli added that digitizing the records makes it easier for the next generation of township officials.

Solar regulations approved

Trustees approved final language regarding solar panels in the township. Sagamore’s zoning code now permits solar panels on the roofs of primary or accessory buildings in residential and commercial districts.

Dr. David Koncal, chair of the township zoning commission, said ground installations are not permitted, to prevent a property from becoming a solar farm and causing a nuisance.

Ground installations in place before the zoning code went into effect will be grandfathered in. Zaccardelli said the township is aware of two existing ground installations. Complete language on solar energy systems can be found in section 7.6 of the zoning resolution.

More information

Zaccardelli said the bathrooms at Sagamore Hills Township Park closed Nov. 1, and pavilion use is on a first-come, first-served basis in the off-season. Park amenities will reopen on May 1.

The township paid $261,585 for the fourth quarter of its fire/EMS contract with Macedonia. ∞