Police Beat

Information provided by the Sagamore Hills Police Department

Nov. 6—A N. Boyden Road resident found open mail in his yard with a payment slip but no check. Police made contact with the Crystal Creek Road resident that had mailed the payment and he canceled the missing check.

Nov. 6—A woman at a Greenwood Parkway residential development caused a disturbance by yelling at residents and visitors who were parking in front of her building, going so far as to stand in front of vehicles until they moved to another parking lot.

Nov. 6—Police responded to a Troubadour Drive residence for report of a 17-year-old female attempting suicide. She was transported to the hospital.

Nov. 7—A male reported being bitten by a dog at a community park on Eaton Drive. He went to urgent care upon police recommendation.

Nov. 11—A resident reported someone tried to open a credit card with his information and was likely attempting to change the SIM card on his phone after it was suddenly suspended. He planned to contact the FCC to report fraud.

Nov. 11—A Geddes Bluff resident asked police for a welfare check on her neighbor whom she had not seen in a week. The female was not in her home but the police Flock camera system located her car driving into Macedonia.

Nov. 12—Three juvenile females made a fire in the woods of the national park at the end of Holzhauer Road. Macedonia Fire Department put out the fire, and the females were turned over to a parent.

Nov. 12—Police responded to a potential domestic violence situation on N. Gannett Road. A female reported that her boyfriend had physically hurt her but refused to speak with officers when they arrived.

Nov. 12—Officers responded to a domestic dispute on Canyon View Road between a woman and her ex-husband.

Nov. 15—The manager at an Olde 8 Road gas station said a male had asked for the restroom key and did not return it after leaving the restroom. He left the station as the passenger in a Sagamore resident’s vehicle. The resident said she did not know the man and just gave him a ride; she later returned the key.

Nov. 16—A resident wanted to report identity theft but it turned out to be an Ohio BMV error stating he lived in Cuyahoga County instead of Summit County.

Nov. 16—Police were asked to assist Northfield Village Police Department with a fight at a Northfield Road casino. Officers assisted a belligerent male involved in the incident to the building’s exit.

Nov. 20—A Fleetwood Drive resident reported property damage to an electrical box on Greenwood Parkway. ∞