Place the gift of giving under your tree

‘Tis the season of giving, a time when many people send gifts to charitable organizations. Those who like to take part in that tradition are encouraged to consider the Brecksville Honor Tree.

The Brecksville Honor Tree is a metal sculpture that graces the north wall of the Gathering Room at Brecksville’s Human Services Center. Its leaves are engraved with the names of Brecksville citizens, past and present, who have contributed to Brecksville’s more than 200 year reputation as “a wonderful town to call home.”

Residents can memorialize a distinguished individual or family, past or present, by purchasing one or more engraved leaves. Additionally, individuals and organizations can recognize a past or present member who has contributed to Brecksville. The cost is $250 per leaf and proceeds are directed to The Brecksville Honor Tree Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

The funds are used to help residents, typically seniors, who have fallen on difficult times and need a significant helping hand. For more information, contact Steve Paciorek, director of the Human Services Center, at 440-526-2499. ∞