Holiday Home Tour returns

by Dan Holland

Following a three-year hiatus, the Independence Holiday Home Tour returned on Dec. 10.

The event was sponsored by the Independence Historical Society and KW Elevate, along with support from the Independence United Methodist Church and other local businesses and organizations.

It included a map of seven historic locations around the city decked out for the holidays.

“This is our fourth Holiday Home Tour,” said Independence Historical Society President Debra Hudnall. “It started in 2016 and continued in 2017, 2019 and again this year. We’re really excited to bring the tour back, and we hope everyone enjoyed it.”

The self-guided tour included five private residential homes along with rest and refreshment stops at Independence United Methodist Church and the historic 1856 Bramley House and Museum, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Four of the homes, including Bramley House, are located on Brecksville Road. All of the structures are more than 100 years old.

Independence Historical Society Treasurer Annemarie Colosimo lives in one of the Brecksville Road homes featured on the tour. The home, built in 1846, has been open for the event all four years.

“I love century homes and old architecture,” said Colosimo, who grew up in Independence. “I love the history of the town, and I enjoy sharing that with people. Some people come in who knew the former owners and family members that lived here years ago. It’s a lot of fun making those connections.”

Added Hudnall, “Many of the owners have maintained the integrity of the original homes with some renovations to make them more livable. I think visitors will be really impressed with what our homeowners have done with these historic properties.” ∞

The interior of one of the Brecksville Road homes includes holiday decor and historical items. Photo by D. Holland.

A classically trimmed Christmas tree stands tall inside a home along the tour. Photo by D. Holland.

Photo (main/above): The table is set for Christmas dinner inside the front room of an historical Daisy Avenue home.