Township Administrator’s Corner by Vito Sinopoli

As the first snow flurries of winter have already descended upon Northeast Ohio, the Bath Township Service Department is gearing up for the inevitable snow and ice that will soon blanket our community. With the winter season upon us, the township is taking proactive measures to ensure the safety and accessibility of our roads during inclement weather.

As in years prior, the township will implement a winter snow parking ban, which goes into effect when snow accumulates two inches or more, or at the discretion of the service director. This measure aims to facilitate efficient snow removal operations and enhance overall safety on our roads. Residents are urged to be vigilant about adhering to this parking ban to allow the township crews ample room to clear the streets effectively.

The township encompasses a network of 62 lane miles of roads that require attention during winter weather. Recognizing the importance of prioritizing certain areas, the service department has outlined a strategy to focus on key intersections and hills, ensuring safe passage for school buses and other essential vehicles. This targeted approach aims to maximize the impact of snow removal efforts and enhance the overall safety of our community.

It is important to note, that while the township is responsible for maintaining its own 62 lane miles of roads, township service personnel are not responsible for the winter maintenance of an additional 62 lane miles of county roads that lie within the township, but which fall under the authority of the Summit County Engineer.

County roads are generally distinguished from township roads by painted lane and edge markings. Examples of county roads include primary arteries such as Cleveland-Massillon, Everett, Granger, Yellow Creek and other roads in the township. Coordination between the township and county authorities is essential to ensure a comprehensive and efficient winter maintenance plan for the entire region.

Bath Township’s snow removal strategy involves a combination of plowing, liquid brining and salting operations to combat the challenges posed by winter weather. However, for this strategy to be effective, cooperation from residents is essential. Township officials are asking the community to refrain from parking cars on the streets during snow events. This cooperation will enable the service department crews to navigate the roads unobstructed, facilitating quicker and more effective snow removal.

In addition to plowing, brining and salting township roads, factors such as timing, temperature and precipitation rates influence the effectiveness of snow removal operations. As such, the service department emphasizes the need for residents to stay informed about weather forecasts and adhere to any advisories or announcements regarding snow removal efforts.

The township is committed to transparency and open communication with its residents. Regular updates on snow removal operations, road conditions, and any changes to the winter snow parking ban will be communicated through various channels, including the township website, Facebook and local media outlets.

In preparation for the winter season, the township service department has conducted comprehensive training sessions for its personnel, ensuring they are well equipped to handle the challenges posed by winter weather. Additionally, the fleet of snowplows and other equipment are meticulously inspected and maintained to guarantee optimal performance when called into action.

As we brace ourselves for the winter ahead, the collaboration between the township and its residents is crucial to maintaining the safety and accessibility of our roads. By adhering to parking bans, staying informed and cooperating with snow removal efforts, we can collectively ensure a safer and more secure community during the challenging winter months. ∞