Incumbents were challenged in the Nov. 7 election

by Sue Serdinak

As chaos reigns around the world, the majority of registered voters in Richfield fulfilled their civic duty and voted on November 7. Summit County Board of Elections data shows that over 62% of registered voters in Richfield Village and Township and in the Revere School District cast their vote.

Village and township residents voted in favor of the tax levy for the Richfield Joint Recreation District. Of the 5,040 registered voters in the combined village and township, 3,106 voted; 1,722 said yes to the levy and 1,384 cast a no vote.

The village mayor’s race was uncontested and Michael Wheeler snapped up all of the votes cast.

For village council[SL1] , 64.5% of registered voters cast their ballot which resulted in three people being elected. Incumbent Sue Ann Philippbar received 975 votes, Marty Kruszynski 968 and incumbent Bobbie Beshara, 908.  First time candidate Jay Lawrence Nye received 840 votes.

Janet Jankura was not challenged in her bid to retain her seat as Richfield Township trustee. Incumbent fiscal officer Laurie Pinney was defeated in her attempt to retain her office after 20 years in the position. She[SL2]  received 446 votes and Vik Sandhu received 801 votes in his first bid for Richfield public office.

Incumbents on the Revere Board of Education also lost their seats. Newcomers Natalie Rainey (4,807 votes), Courtney Stein (4,486 votes) and Kasha Brackett (3141 votes), defeated Claudia Mendat Hower (3,096 votes) and Diana Sabitsch (2,820 votes.)

Regardless of the results, the election was civil and peaceful. ∞

 [SL1]Note addition of comma.

 [SL2]You already say she is the “incumbent fiscal officer.”