Discover Bath Barns project moves forward

by Laura Bednar

Nov. 6 township trustees meeting

Becky Corbett and James McClellan, representing the Heritage Corridors of Bath committee, gave an update on the group’s initiative to highlight township barns, with the goal of creating a barn trail to complement Bath’s scenic byway.

Trustees approved members of a subcommittee for the barn initiative: McClellan, Kathy Sidaway, Crystal Farlin, Pat Barb, Maureen Katanic, Kyle Craven, Julie Slattery, Lisa Shaheen, Marjorie Drinan, Marc Braun, Michele Whitehurst, Elizabeth McGrath, Greg Gulish, Dan Nelson, Clara Lamb and Libby Bauman.

Subcommittee members have met with 20 barn owners, who McClellan said were enthusiastic about participating.

“The goal is to enhance the experience of driving around the township,” he said.

For those interested in participating, the committee will create a form that asks for the history of the barn and any family genealogy related to it. McClellan said the plan is to create a barn trail by late spring or early summer with events planned for September 2024.

For more information, visit the township website and click the “Discover Bath Barns Project” tab under “Heritage Corridors of Bath.”

Trustees applied for an America 250-Ohio grant, which is available for nonprofits, educational organizations and local governments to “support educational and commemorative programming related to the 250th anniversary of the founding of the United States and drawing attention to the achievements, struggles, honors, innovations and significance of all people of Ohio.”

The grant is worth $5,000 and if received, the funds will go to the Heritage Corridors of Bath committee. Sinopoli said no specific use for the money is planned yet. If Bath is chosen, the committee will receive funds in 2024 and have to spend them by 2025.

Dispatch change

Bath Township police will get help from Richfield Village in handling 911 calls if Bath is swamped with calls and cannot immediately respond.

Police Chief /Township Administrator Vito Sinopoli said Bath formerly sent 911 rollover calls to Fairlawn, but that city participates in Summit County’s regional dispatch and is no longer an option. Richfield is the first backup and Hudson’s dispatch is the second line of defense for Bath’s excess calls. In kind, Sinopoli said, “Bath is the primary rollover dispatch for all of Richfield [village and township].”

Trustees approved an agreement with Hudson and Richfield Village to share Sundance Computer Aided Dispatch. Sinopoli said Bath and Hudson already shared the dispatch and are adding Richfield. Each entity can see where calls were dispatched, and the three communities will rely on each other in the event a dispatch center is down, according to Sinopoli. ∞