Buzz Ink celebrates grand opening at Binky Commons

by Chris Studor

For those wanting to express themselves through body art, newly opened Buzz Ink offers tattoos to suit individual needs.

Owner Eddie Findura has opened his new shop, Buzz Ink, located on the lower floor of the Binkey Commons Building (the side facing state Route 303) in downtown Hinckley. Working alongside him is his friend, Martin Meledrez. The duo has combined experience of more than 15 years designing and applying tattoos.

“Very popular right now is a lot of black and gray work, but we do color as well,” said Findura. “Also popular right now are memorial tattoos where a person wants a tattoo to reflect the memory of a friend, relative or pet. It’s not unusual for a mother and daughter to come in and get matching tattoos.”

Findura is a graduate of Benedictine High School who lives in North Royalton. He has worked numerous tattoo shows across the country. Meledrez is from Mexico.

“I like being a tattoo artist because the artwork is always something the wearer can relate to and makes them feel good,” Meledrz said. “Often a tattoo is motivational and something the person can relate too.”

The cost of a tattoo ranges from $80 for a small tattoo to $200-$400 for a whole arm tattoo, or $150 an hour. No supplies are reused and all needles and supplies come in sterilized packages which are disposed of after their first use.

The modern décor of the tattoo shop is welcoming with a number of couches for conversation.  To make an appointment, call 216-470-6926. ∞

Photo: Tristan Sopkovich, Eddie Findura, Greg Findura, Melissa Augustine, Karl Kastl and Tim Sopkovich look on as Adam Sywanyk of Cleveland gets a new tattoo during Buzz Ink’s Oct. 22 ribbon cutting celebration. Photo by Chris Studor.