School board selects search firm to find superintendent

Oct. 23 board of education meeting

The Nordonia Hills Board of Education voted 4-1 to hire executive search firm Finding Leaders to conduct the district’s superintendent search.

The other option was the Educational Service Center, which received one vote from board member Matt Kearney. He said he supported the cost of the ESC, and also felt their approach was community focused.

Board President Chad Lahrmer said the board heard presentations from each firm as well as the Ohio School Board Association in September. Each was asked to break down costs for community meetings and employee discussions that take place before the actual search “to find out what the community wants in our next superintendent,” said Lahrmer.

The OSBA was eliminated early because it is in Columbus, which Lahrmer said would make it difficult for community feedback.

Treasurer Kyle Kiffer said the district has credits with the ESC, which could cover costs associated with the search. These credits can be used with Finding Leaders. Kiffer said the district can send an invoice to the ESC, which will charge an additional 5% on the total amount. When the ESC pays the invoice, the amount is deducted from Nordonia’s remaining credits with the center.

Board member Jason Tidmore said he voted for Finding Leaders because the firm found the district’s last two treasurers. Lahrmer said the original cost for the Finding Leaders contract was $7,950 with 50% due up front. The cost for community meetings was $2,000. The district opted to put down half and come up with more money if a full search is needed following the meetings.

If the community consensus were for the board to hire Interim Superintendent Casey Wright full time, Lahrmer said the search could stop there or the board could choose to conduct a wider search.

In other action, the board approved “then and now” payments to pay for emergency services addressing water leaks at Ledgeview Elementary School. The first was for $3,625 to Concrete Dimensions for removal and disposal of concrete sidewalk in front of the school to address the water main leak. The second was for $3,650 to the same vendor for removal of concrete to address a second leak. Work for both leaks occurred in August. ∞