Police department promotes two of its own

By Melissa Martin

Nov. 7 city council meeting

City council approved the promotion of two Brecksville Police Department officers. William “Chuck” Griffith was promoted to sergeant, while Patrick Coleman was named the department’s new lieutenant.

Griffith, who joined the department in 2000, graduated from Kent State University where he served six years in the U.S. Marine Corps reserves. Shortly after joining the force, he took a short leave from the department to perform a tour of duty in Iraq before returning to the department in 2012.

According to Mayor Jerry Hruby, Griffith “has done an outstanding job and has excelled” in every task he’s undertaken. In addition to performing duties as range instructor and a member of the SWAT team, he also runs the shifts as the officer in charge and acts as the department’s simulation instructor in addition to other duties.

Coleman, Hruby said, has worked for the department for 30 years, 18 of which he spent serving as squad commander. In recent years, he has taken on many administrative duties in the department, overseeing vehicle fleet procurement and negotiating with the union.

“I’ve had the privilege to deal with him in that capacity and he’s always been a gentleman and done a good job in representing his fellow officers,” Hruby said.

Additionally, Coleman has also overseen the department’s property acquisition, Hruby said.

Coleman thanked his family, friends and coworkers for being in attendance to witness his swearing-in. Among them were the department’s last five police chiefs, including current Chief Stan Korinek, William Goodrich, Michael Carlin, Richard Mannarino and Dennis Kancler.

In other news, council approved an increased fee schedule for the city’s recreation department. While several programs will see a fee increase in 2024, Councilman A.J. Ganim said that travel sports will the biggest increase for the coming year.

“We’ve seen gradual jumps in rec sports over the last few years,” Ganim said. “These rates will help to balance out any inequities and help keep and maintain the world-class activities [the community] has come to enjoy.

Council President Laura Redinger echoed those sentiments.

“We’ve tried to be reasonable over the years and I still think were the best game in town, and on the low end when it comes to our fees,” she said.

Council also voted to:

  • Authorize the administration to submit a 2024 Diamond Improvement Grant application through the Cleveland Guardians Charities. The grant awards up to $5,000 for renovations to local ball fields with no matching funds required.
  • Send two officers to active threat school with the Ohio Tactical Officers Association at a cost of $1,500. The state offers full reimbursement of the participation fees. ∞