Interim Superintendent’s Corner – Casey Wright

As December’s air sweeps through Nordonia Hills, and the leaves blanket the ground, it’s a moment of reflection on the dedication within the Nordonia Hills City Schools community. In this tapestry, teachers, administrators, support staff, students, parents and Nordonia Hills School community supporters each play a role in molding our educational landscape. Their contributions form the bedrock of our institution.

In the past month, our attention was drawn to the Summit ESC’s Education Celebration event – a testament to the excellence within our district. At the heart of this celebration was the recognition of our county All-Star Teaching Team, a group of educators whose efforts go above and beyond to inspire and educate our students.

Among these individuals, Danielle Miller, representing Northfield Elementary, stood out, nominated for the Rookie of the Year award. Her dedication, despite being a new addition to the teaching profession, has already made an impact on our students.

In addition to Ms. Miller’s achievement, Dr. Endre Szentkiralyi, from Nordonia High School, was nominated as the Teacher of the Year. This accolade underscores his teaching acumen and his ability to ignite curiosity and empowerment within his students. 

But the recognition doesn’t conclude there. Ms. Jessy Archer, nominated for LifeChanger of the Year by Todd Stuart, has exhibited a commitment to enhancing the lives of our students. Her passion for education permeates her work. Ms. Archer’s talent for building connections with students and creating a nurturing school environment is remarkable. Her leadership, spanning both the school and the district, has ushered in initiatives that benefit every member of our educational community.

As we step into December, let us remember that the dedication of individuals like Danielle Miller, Dr. Endre Szentkiralyi and Jessy Archer, in conjunction with the support of parents and Nordonia Hills School community supporters, constitutes Nordonia Hills City Schools. Together, we will continue to provide our students with quality education.

We extend our gratitude to all those who contribute to the success of Nordonia Hills City Schools, for it is your commitment that defines us as an educational institution. Let us embrace the opportunities that await us in the days ahead with hope and enthusiasm. ∞