Cruiser damaged in multi-city police chase

by Melissa Martin

Oct. 17 city council meeting

Brecksville City Council authorized more than $4,273 for repairs to a police vehicle after the cruiser was involved in an accident in October.

Police Chief Stan Korinek told council the cruiser took part in a pursuit that started in North Royalton, continued through Broadview Heights and ended on Interstate 77 in Brecksville.

“Our officer joined the pursuit and stop sticks were deployed, and all the tires of the [suspect’s vehicle] were deflated,” Korinek said. “The vehicle wasn’t going very fast, but it was crashing into and ramming cruisers that were chasing it. Luckily, our cruiser did not sustain damage in that instance, but two Broadview Heights cruisers were made inoperable [as a result].”

Korinek said Brecksville’s cruiser was damaged near the conclusion of the chase, and the cruiser ended up directly behind the suspect’s vehicle.

“Granted, he was only maybe 10-15 feet away [from the cruiser], but he accelerated quickly causing the damage to the cruiser,” he said. “The suspect was apprehended and no injuries were suffered by anybody, but our cruiser was damaged.”

The repair work will be performed by KMS Paint and Body.

Council approved legislation to replace the PowerLOAD control board in one of its automated ambulance lifts for $3,062.

Fire Chief Nick Zamiska told council that his department has been using the battery-operated lifts for nine years and the one that is broken is the oldest unit in the fleet. The devices are capable of lifting 700 pounds with the push of a button and are designed to prevent back injuries resulting from lifting stretchers into ambulances.

Two new firefighter/paramedics were sworn in: Alexander Haffner and William Lovell.

Zamiska said Haffner has been working with the department part time for six months. His father and brother are employed by the Strongsville Fire Department. In addition to working for Brecksville full-time, Haffner is pursuing a degree in emergency management.

Council President Laura Redinger said she was excited about Haffner’s appointment.

“I had the opportunity to experience Alex’s services a couple weeks ago and I’m glad he’s with the squad,” she said.

Lovell, who has a bachelor’s degree from Kent State University, was previously employed by the Aurora Fire Department. Lovell’s father works for the Bainbridge Fire Department.

“When we interviewed him, he just stood out,’’ Zamiska said. “He has a lot of things going for him, including a lot of special certifications in technical rescue.”

Council authorized the mayor to move forward to procure a $50,000 grant from Cuyahoga County for the construction of pickleball courts.

Council also authorized the law director to prepare draft legislation to update the city’s Ohio EPA stormwater permit. City Engineer Gerry Wise told council the city’s stormwater permit is currently two versions behind.

Wise said he would like the updates, which address the city’s stormwater management plan, to be approved by council by Dec. 31. ∞