Superintendent’s Corner – Dana Addis

One of our school district’s many sayings is, “Don’t Give Up the Ship.” This is a U.S. Navy statement that means get the mission done and don’t compromise. As I look deeply into the saying and the words behind it, this motto could actually be an important component for any school district or corporation.

When a school district looks at getting its mission done, that would have to include certain measuring moments to which every resident can refer. One of those is the Ohio Department of Education’s State Report Card. While so many other moments mean more to our kids and families, this is currently the most publicized and scrutinized measurement. I hope all of you have seen how the combination of Hudson students, families and school district did in this year’s report.

In the first year of an overall star rating, our kids, families, and staff members put us at the maximum of five stars. Our Performance Index Score – which measures ALL of our students – was 105.1. It’s the highest for our district since 2014. That is also the highest in Summit County, the fifth highest in Northeast Ohio and the 20th highest in the state for those districts who earned 5 stars.

Again, this is one measurement that the district uses amidst constantly trying to improve and serve our kids in the manner we do. Serving our students and families means so much to everyone who does it, and we believe it means so much to those we serve. This collaboration between a district and its families, on occasion, includes discussions about how we are funded, and this year those discussions include the operating levy, Issue 9, which you will see on Nov. 7.

This is the first operating levy since May 2011. This levy is a 5.5 mill, which will cost a homeowner $16.04 per month for each $100,000 of home value. This levy will be based on the current 2022 home valuations, and NOT the new values that surface next year.

As we’ve dug into so many facts to share with our community members, “our story” has surfaced. With a tax burden very comparable to surrounding and comparison districts and a comparatively lower investment of tax millage over the last 12 years, Hudson City Schools still has achieved top regional district performance while maintaining an average spending per pupil. One of the largest questions in my visits with residents includes the word “value,” and our story highlights that value.

I hope you can visit and see the hundreds of levy facts that are there. I hope you can see the levy calculator and type in your address to determine your total cost for the levy. I believe in our students and our staff, and I genuinely trust in their work to complete the mission. I believe in all of you and trust you as well.

I realize that this district achieves our mission because of the combination of staff, students and families, perhaps as well as almost every school district in our state. Hudson City Schools is a wonderful place for our kids, our families and our community. Should you have any questions about the report card or the levy, please feel free to contact me at ∞