Letter to the Editor

Council Candidate support

Over the last few years, I’ve attended nearly all of the council meetings. This past year, Sue Ann Philippbar served well in the role of council president. In the race for three seats on Richfield Village Council in 2019, Sue Ann Philippbar was the top vote-getter with 27 percent of the vote. Sue Ann had recently retired after 30 years with Metro Health Medical Center as the manager of speech pathology and vocational services, leading through a period of growth in staff and locations. These skills serve her well on council.

I’ve observed her demonstrate many positive attributes, including leading discussion and sometimes contentious disagreement with full focus on respectful, thoughtful debate, and holding her ground when needed. She demonstrates insight into the community’s needs, engaging in in-person and email dialogue with constituents, and responding in a timely manner. Her willingness to examine the issues, learn from others, and seek public input  sets Sue Ann Philippbar apart in finding the best solution, even if different from her own opinion.

During her first term on council she has delivered on her stated goal of fiscal responsibility through her preparation for council meetings, for example, and emphasis on multiple readings of legislation to allow time for the public to become informed and to respond. She is dedicated to working well with other elected officials and contributing in the best way possible, also her stated goals for her first term. I fully endorse Sue Ann Philippbar for Village Council and urge others to join me in voting for her.

Denise M. Ready
Creche Drive ∞