Letter to the Editor

Board needs Dosen’s leadership perspective

To the Editor:

I am asking the residents of Brecksville and Broadview Hts. to support Mark Dosen this November by voting to re-elect him to the Brecksville-Broadview Heights School Board. 

Mr. Dosen has served our students and communities admirably over the last 12 years by leading with a common-sense attitude and making decisions based on data and facts. He was instrumental in supporting greater transparency by promoting the move to live-streaming meetings to improve participation and open communication. Mr. Dosen has also advanced the educational platform for our students by taking a fiscally responsible approach to expenditures without asking the taxpayers to support increased operating levies. 

With two open board seats this election cycle, it is extremely important to support Mark Dosen so he can provide the new superintendent and new school board members with historical perspective, continuity and proven leadership.  His experience over the last 12 years will blend well with fresh ideas the new members will bring to the board.  This is especially important as the school district faces contract negotiations and a potential operating levy request. 

Please support Mr. Dosen this November.  His leadership will provide stability for the benefit of our students for another four years.  Additional information can be found at tinyurl.com/dosen4board.

Laura Redinger

Meadow Lane, Brecksville