Police Beat

Information provided by the Sagamore Hills Police Department

Aug. 2—A Heartridge Drive resident reported a dishwasher and light fixtures totaling $1,606 stolen from his home that is currently under construction.

Aug. 3—An elderly female on Spafford Oval needed assistance getting up after she fell in her home at 3 a.m. on Aug. 2 and was found by a meal delivery driver on Aug. 3 around 10 a.m.

Aug. 6—Police conducted a traffic stop on state Route 82 because the driver was using a handheld device and failed to use a turn signal. The 19-year-old driver was in possession of marijuana, which was seized, and an unopened can of beer, which the officer made him pour out.

Aug. 7—A resident reported fraud after his bank account was hacked and $1,198 worth of unauthorized payments were made.

Aug. 8—A male stated that a car he purchased in 2021 and sold to someone in Texas this summer was flagged as stolen when the buyer tried to import the car to Mexico. The car was reported stolen by Sagamore police in 1987.

A resident reported theft of medication. No suspect was identified but the resident’s daughter suggested her brother could have stolen the testosterone medication meant for his grandfather.

Officers responded to a domestic dispute between a daughter and her parents on Dunham Road.

Aug. 9—A female crashed her car into a ditch on Sagamore Hills Boulevard. She was charged with OVI, and her license was suspended for 90 days after she blew a .226 BAC.

A Seiberling Drive resident reported identity theft when someone used her social security number to file an unemployment claim.

A female resident reported that someone created a fake Facebook account using her husband’s name and the account included controversial political, racial and terroristic comments.

Aug. 10—Police took a report from a resident who stated her email had been erased and her Amazon account was inaccessible.

Aug. 13—A female resident reported fraud and possible scammer suspicion. One scam involved her banking information after calling a hotline number, and the other included solicitation from employees of a realty company and an automotive care business.

Aug. 14—Officers responded to a W. Aurora Road residence for a welfare check on three children after their grandmother reported a domestic dispute between the children’s parents.

Aug. 15—Police responded to an Orchard Grove residence for report of mail fraud. An unknown person had put a hold on the resident’s mail for two weeks.

Aug. 17—Officers responded to a Greenwood Parkway residence for a welfare check on a possible suicidal male.

Aug. 20—Police dispatched an injured deer that was hit by a car on Houghton Road.

Aug. 21—An Acadia Drive resident reported his truck had been keyed.

A resident reported fraudulent activity on her computer after her bank account was compromised.

Aug. 23—A male entered the Sagamore Police department stating he wanted to pick up his girlfriend’s kids from the court-ordered meeting spot. The children’s grandfather said he would not give the kids to the unknown male. The children’s father, who has full custody, came and took the children home.

Aug. 24—Officers responded to a Southridge Road residence for reports of a disturbance when a male resident yelled, cussed and hit his own truck in the driveway. A neighbor described the resident as “out of control” and kept a handgun on him because he felt threatened. The resident and his neighbor later apologized to each other.

Aug. 25—A resident reported fraud after $100 was withdrawn from her bank account. Previously this month, the resident mailed a check that never reached its destination. She opened a claim with her bank’s fraud department.

Aug. 27—Police assisted Macedonia Fire with a medical call at a Countryside Drive residence. A resident had been ill for several years with a degenerative disease and she passed peacefully at home.

Aug. 31—A victim came to the police to report her purse stolen from her vehicle in the Metroparks and someone attempted to cash one of her checks. The suspects also gained her computer login information and were possibly using her personal information.

A female reported that she was concerned that a former friend and the former friend’s mother were going to harass her through phone calls. The former friend’s mother had already called the female from private numbers stating she owed her daughter money. ∞