Letter to the Editor

Ad reinforces need for truth in time of divisiveness

To the Editor,

In your September 2023 issue, an ad was purchased by Stephen Sweetnich that was loaded with inflammatory and grossly inaccurate conspiracy theories meant to frighten the residents of Brecksville before the election.

I hold this publication in high regard and was very dismayed to see that this material was printed without any fact-checking involved. 

We are new residents of Brecksville and have enjoyed your publication, and were disappointed that a magazine that appears to want to provide accurate, clear and concise information would publish an advertisement with such blatant and misleading information. 

Sadly, the biggest problems in our country are more related to citizens losing the ability to have respectful discourse and the result of this is an angry polarization.

The advertisement was misleading and more importantly, inflammatory.

For example, drag shows are not happening in schools and libraries.

Late-term abortions are incredibly rare and not determined by local politics. Critical Race Theory is NOT being taught in our K-12 schools. 

The ad was filled with misleading taglines.

We need a collective agreement to hold the value of truth in this time of divisiveness and to find common ground as we problem solve the future together.

Ann Thal

Woodwalk Drive