Annual leaf pickup program to begin Oct. 9

Again this fall the city of Brecksville will be picking up leaves curbside beginning Oct. 9. Residents are asked to rake the leaves into neat rows along the edge of the road, but not onto the street.

Crews plan to begin on the north side of the city and will work to the south making as many rounds as possible prior to Nov. 29 or winter’s arrival.

The city asks all property owners to observe the following guidelines so that the Service Department can serve them better:

  • Residents are strongly urged to refrain from parking on city streets since it is impossible to collect piled leaves that are near or beside parked cars.
  • All leaves must be located within 3 feet of the street pavement edge.
  • Leaves must not be placed in ditches, over loose/decorative stone or in the roadway. Care should be taken to ensure that storm drains are kept free of leaves. Also, residents are asked to keep leaves away from mailboxes and fire hydrants.
  • Absolutely no tree branches, bricks, lawn clippings or other debris may be mixed with leaves. Contaminated piles will not be collected.
  • Property owners are responsible for leaf disposal after the curbside campaign is completed by the service department.

For any questions, visit the Brecksville Service Department website at, or call the service department Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m., at 440-526-1384. ∞