Special trustees meeting scheduled to address Kimble contract

by Chris Studor

July 18 township trustees meeting

Trustees announced their plans to hold a work session on Aug. 26, to continue their discussion of the Kimble waste services contract.

This is the final year of the township’s five-year contract with Kimble and soon residents will receive the annual fall opt-out letter.

Under the contract, the township is permitted a 5% opt-out rate. Most opt-outs granted are people living in Hinckley who own a business in Hinckley and have their own commercial trash containers, thus not requiring residential trash pick-up.

The percentage of permitted opt-outs, trustees said, was expected to be one topic of discussion at work session, with another being the length of the next contract. At the previous trustee meeting, trustees considered sending a one question resident survey, along with this fall’s opt-out letter, asking residents to simply to check a box indicating whether they are satisfied with Kimble’s services.

Trustees also indicated the work session would allow them time to comprise a survey with a few more questions which is expected to be sent out to residents after the first of the year. Trustee Monique Asherl said contract specifics such as placing a cap on pricing and the length of the next contract could be discussed.

Ascherl said she believed most residents were generally in favor of maintaining the one-trash hauler service. She suggested that the letter mailed with the survey stress to residents how important their input is to the board.

Trustees also acknowledged a $100,000 donation by the Park Foundation to the Hinckley Police Department, along with a separate $100,000 donation to the Hinckley Fire Department. The donations are not earmarked for a specific purpose.

In other township business:

  • Trustees approved a resolution authorizing the use of American Rescue Plan funds to repair of a section of Valley Brooke at an estimated cost of $549,835 as well as $10,000 of improvements on Bethany Lane.
  • Trustee Jack Swedyk said an agreement has been reached with family members on the cleanup of a River Rd. property.
  • Trustees thanked the Greensmith Garden Center for the planting and donation of two dogwood trees at the Hinckley Historical Society in honor of former trustees Ray Schulte and Ron Rhodes. ∞