Township Corner by Trustee Janet Jankura

It is rewarding to see so many people come out for our Richfield summer events. Community Day, steak fry, parade and cookout, outdoor band concerts in Richfield Heritage Preserve and Village Square, car show, park open houses, plus other clubs and outings. There is a great cadre of volunteers who put on celebrations for the benefit of our residents. It is this dedication and spirit that makes Richfield what is – a small town slice of Americana. Participants really appreciate having entertaining and interesting things to do in our locale. Folks come out, see neighbors and friends and enjoy being part of the community.

At these annual gatherings I observe these devoted people from nonprofit and government organizations. I am grateful for what they do and am hopeful new faces will get involved and eventually bring fresh ideas to running the activities we have come to expect and enjoy. It could start with our high school seniors and juniors, who are required to perform a certain number of community service hours.

Oftentimes, new entrants to Richfield inquire how they can get involved in serving. The township has been fortunate that a number of relatively new residents have volunteered to serve on boards, such as zoning and parks. These candidates are talented and offer their professional skills and perspectives.

Another way to invite people to participate is to engage with our religious institutions. They overwhelmingly volunteered at Rise Against Hunger to make over 100,000 meal packages for people around the world. Neighborhoods can also come together to support special causes and events. I recently saw a group of neighbors jump in to help staff a fundraising dinner. How refreshing to experience a group of younger citizens assisting at an event that is unrelated to them.

Sometimes all it takes is for us to personally reach out to someone to join us in volunteering. Let’s welcome new blood and their energy. They will help keep some of our beloved Richfield traditions going and start new ones. If you are interested in volunteering or someone invites you, please accept the opportunity. ∞