Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

As a resident of The Village of Richfield for more than 25 years and the current president of The Forestridge Homeowners Association, I endorse Sue Ann Philippbar for Village Council in our election this November.

I believe we all can agree that our village is changing as our population continues to grow, and commercial development opportunities are explored. Decisions made today by Village leadership will define our community’s character for decades.

We need Village Council members who understand the complexities of village operations, the needs of a diverse residential population and have a vision for how Richfield Village can prosper without losing what already makes our community so unique and desirable.

Sue Ann has demonstrated she possesses all these traits, and more. Since winning her seat on council in 2020 (and currently serving as council president) she has worked tirelessly and without political agenda on our behalf.

Her experience with village operations includes budgeting, streets and bike lanes,  public works, parks, and historic buildings. Sue Ann also volunteers with the Bath-Richfield Kiwanis, her church, area parks and a homeless shelter.

It’s been my experience while representing the interest of Forestridge residents that Sue Ann brings strong communication skills to her position, especially when it comes to listening to resident concerns and helping advocate for solutions. Her genuine desire to do what’s best for her community makes her an invaluable member of Richfield Village leadership. I encourage you to re-elect Sue Ann Philippbar to Village Council.

Teri Klein

Evergreen Lane