Police Beat

Information provided by the Broadview Heights Police Department

July 18 – The driver of a Mitsubishi Mirage was arrested on charges of improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, having weapons while under a disability, driving with fictitious plates, license forfeiture and marijuana possession after he was pulled over on Interstate 77 for driving with license plates that were registered to another vehicle and owner. The suspect was found to have at least two felony drug convictions in Texas and Ohio.

July 23 – A driver was arrested on OVI charges after police pulled her over on E. Wallings Road. Police said the vehicle’s passenger-side headlight was burnt out and the car had heavy front-end damage. Police subsequently located an open bottle of brandy from the driver’s seat. The woman was taken into custody and also cited for driving without a valid license, failure to use turn signals and open container in a motor vehicle.

July 26 – A Stoney Run Trail man came to the station to report that two masked men entered his residence at 9:45 a.m., pointed a gun at his neck and demanded cash for a debt owed to them. The complainant refused. A neighbor came to the station later that day and she was able to corroborate the man’s story. The complainant was able to identify both men, whose images were captured on traffic cameras and residential cameras in the area, and police have issued warrants for the individuals.

July 27 – Police responded to a senior living facility after receiving a theft report. The resident told officers he left his wallet on the table around dinnertime the previous day and it was missing the following morning. The man told officers theft is a recurring problem in the building but facility management has reimbursed him for the loss.

July 27 – A shuttle bus driver reported the catalytic converter had been stolen from his vehicle. He is uncertain as to when the theft took place. There are no suspects.

July 28 – A resident came to the station to report that a check he mailed from the city’s post office had been fraudulently altered and cashed by an unknown individual. The complainant told police the check had been written for approximately $1,500 and had been cashed for more than $24,000.

July 28 – An E. Wallings Road resident contacted police to report that her neighbor intentionally drove his vehicle onto her property leaving deep rut marks in the yard. She told the officer she suspects the neighbor caused the damage to reroute flood water from his property. The suspect told the officer he was moving items that had been left on his property by former tenants and that his vehicle had gotten stuck on his neighbor’s property. He agreed to fix the damage.

July 29 – A Stoney Run Circle man was cited on charges of disorderly conduct after the man’s neighbor said the suspect was yelling and throwing things inside his residence. Police said a machete-style knife was found lying on the floor near the bottom of the stairs in the residence. Police also said furniture throughout the home was damaged and scattered.

July 30 – Police responded to Macintosh Lane after receiving a report that juveniles were causing a commotion near the subdivision’s pool after breaking the fence around it. Police located the 15-18-year-old boys who admitted to drinking alcohol that evening. All the individuals who participated were arrested. Among the charges filed against them include underage consumption, fireworks possession, obstructing official business, criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

July 30 – A driver was arrested on charges of OVI and driving outside marked lanes after an officer spotted him weaving on E. Royalton Road around 2:15 a.m. Police located a flask in the man’s car along with a case of beer containing both full and empty cans. He was transported to the station and released after posting bond. ∞