Police Beat

Information provided by the Brecksville Police Department

June 16 – Police were dispatched to a local pharmacy after receiving a report of property damage. The complainant told police a box truck appeared to have backed over the edge of the parking lot that abuts a nearby dental office. Two of the truck’s occupants got out of the vehicle, inspected the lift gate then drove away on Arlington Street. A store employee discovered that a “30-minute parking” sign had been knocked over and a light pole was gouged and bent. The officer located the truck nearby, and the driver corroborated the incident.

June 29 – A resident came to the station to report she had been the victim of fraud. The woman said she recently learned that a mailed check had been stolen and altered. The resident said earlier this year, she mailed a $10,000 property tax check to Cuyahoga County from the Royalton Road post office in Broadview Heights. A week later, she discovered that her property taxes hadn’t been paid. The complainant has since discovered that a Cleveland woman cashed the check. Police are investigating.

July 8 – A 38-year-old Cleveland woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant after she approached a police officer asking for a ride to Cleveland. The woman was directed to a nearby bus stop where she could access transportation to get where she needed to go. To make sure she didn’t miss the next bus, the officer volunteered to give her a ride to the bus stop on the condition she provide him with identification. When she did, the officer discovered she had warrants for her arrest on charges of drug abuse and vandalism. She was transported to the county jail.

July 14 – A city resident came to the station to report that she lost her wallet while shopping at a local grocery store around 4:10 p.m. The woman told police she went to the store to see if anyone had turned it in, however, the manager also checked the cameras and footage shows the woman placed the wallet in her fanny pack and zipped it closed. Footage also shows the complainant walking out of the store, at which time nothing fell from the fanny pack. The woman said the wallet contained three credit cards, $28 in cash and various other cards.

July 16 – Police responded to Snowville Road after receiving a complaint that shots had been fired or fireworks had set off. While responding to the call, the officer spotted four juveniles leaving the area on bicycles and scooters. The officer also noted abandoned scooters and bicycles in the parking lot of a nearby business. A black firework tube was found in the grass near the scooters. Footage of the incident was captured by the complainants, who shared it with police. Police have since forwarded the report and footage to the department’s school resource officers.

July 19 – A Glenwood Trail resident came to the station to report that she was traveling on her street the afternoon prior when her vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system alerted her that her tire pressure had significantly dropped. When the complainant inspected her rear driver’s side tire, she discovered that a large metal object had pierced her tire. The woman suspects contractors working on the street may be responsible. ∞