Police Beat

Information provided by the Sagamore Hills Police Department

July 1—Officers dispatched a sick raccoon in a Cricket Lane backyard.

July 3—A male was caught attempting to leave a W. Aurora Road store with items he had not purchased.

July 4—Officers responded to a domestic dispute between a father and son at a Houghton Road residence.

A female resident reported she was having marital issues with her husband and was worried about his irate behavior. Police documented the latest incident between the couple.

July 5—A resident reported fraud when someone attempted to use her personal information to receive unemployment benefits.

July 6—A vehicle crashed into a tree on Greenwood Parkway, and the driver was arrested for OVI.

Officers went to a Meadowview Road residence for a disturbance and possible protection order violation. A female was entering the home to collect her son’s belongings. and the protection order was between her son and his girlfriend and girlfriend’s mother.

July 7—Police dispatched an injured deer on a Dunham Road front lawn.

A North Gannett Road resident reported that his son was out of control and destroying the house. Police de-escalated the situation and the father and son agreed there would be no further problems.

July 8—A resident reported fraud after someone removed $10,000 from her retirement account and moved it into newly created accounts.

Police assisted the Summit County Sherriff’s Office with a 911 call for gunshots fired at a store on Golden Link Boulevard in Northfield Center. There were no victims but a stray bullet hit a car at a dealership across the street.

July 17—A female resident reported that an unknown person had accessed her bank account and cashed a check for $4,800.

July 19—Officers took a fraud report from a resident whose checking account was compromised. Two counterfeit checks were written for $10,000 and $1,000, respectively.

A resident reported fraud when a man from University Circle attempted to cash checks she had sent through the mail.

Police responded to a Dunham Road residence for report of property damage. The resident was unsure how it happened.

July 22—Officers reported to a S. Boyden Road residence for report of a domestic dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend, who were arguing about how drunk the boyfriend was.

At a W. Aurora Road bar, police checked on a male that was reportedly unresponsive and his eyes were rolled back in his head. Paramedics woke him up, and he stated that someone had given him pills in the bathroom.

July 23—While in a W. Aurora Road store parking lot, a woman reported private property damage after another shopper pushed a shopping cart into the side of her car.

Police responded to a Dunham Road motor vehicle accident in which the vehicle struck a utility pole. The driver was arrested for OVI.

July 26—Officers were dispatched to Brandywine and Highland Road for a possible disabled vehicle. The vehicle had crashed across a ditch, and the driver was found to be intoxicated.

A female caller located a book bag at the entrance of Morning Star Trail.

A woman reported that her backpack and her husband’s backpack were stolen from their unlocked vehicles. One backpack had been turned into the police, and officers located the other, which contained a laptop.

A Wilson Court resident had his temporary license tag stolen off his vehicle.

Police responded to a W. Aurora Road business for report that someone tampered with the electric meters on the back of the building. ∞