Council passes ordinance to prohibit short-term rentals in town center

by Dan Holland

July 10 city council meeting

Members of Broadview Heights City Council at their July 10 meeting passed an ordinance amending a section of the codified ordinances to prohibit short-term Airbnbs in Special Planning Districts A and B. The area, also known as town center, is centered around the intersection of Broadview and Royalton roads.

The amendments made to section 1283.04 of the city’s codified ordinances also scale out a number of classifications that have already achieved a specified percentage of land usage in the area, which covers 107 acres in Zone A and 275 acres in the surrounding Zone B.

Councilmembers approved a nine-month moratorium on accepting for filing, and consideration, review and approval of all new applications for short-term rentals, bed and breakfast inns and Airbnbs in the city.

Mayor Sam Alai said he fully supports the actions taken by city council.

“Short-term rentals can be a good thing depending on the city,” said Alai. “Broadview Heights is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family, but it may not be a destination for vacationers. So, I don’t think we should be allowing [short-term rentals], especially in our downtown area. Having a moratorium to study it and look further into it is a good thing and I’m fully supportive of that.”

“We’re not in a resort area or an area where there are a lot of events going on,” said Council President Robert Boldt. “The residents have put all of their money into their homes and take a lot of pride in them, and we don’t want the person next door running a business in their house where people are constantly coming and going from week to week. The city is okay with long-term rentals, but we don’t want the constant short-term turnover associated with Airbnbs. We don’t want people investing in townhomes and then renting them out as Airbnbs.”

Boldt added he would also like to see more businesses move into the special planning district. “We would like to have a viable street with restaurants and expansion of other businesses,” he continued. “It’s supposed to be a walkable district, and we need stores and restaurants for those who have already bought homes and townhouses in that area and for the rest of Broadview Heights. We have all the housing in; now let’s bring in all the amenities for residents.”

Boldt shared that the owners of Buyansky Outdoor Supply, located within Special Planning District Zone B, at 9400 Broadview Rd., had recently sold the property. He said he has received numerous complaints over the years from residents regarding vehicle noise and odors coming from the site.

“Since they did sell it, I’m asking the law director to make sure that they followed all of the proper procedures, or they’re going to have to forego that zoning, because the new zoning does not allow it,” said Boldt. “So, [the law director] is looking into whether that is a viable option to continue having a landscaping business in downtown or not. To me, it shouldn’t be in the downtown area.

“I understand that years ago, when it was first built, the business had a function for the city,” Boldt continued. “But at this point, I would rather have them move it to the outskirts to Towpath Road or some area like that. If they are in violation of the zoning, I’m going to have them get pushed out.”

Boldt said he expected to receive a legal opinion on the matter from the city law director by late summer.

“I just want the law director, the mayor and the building commissioner to double check to see if [the owners] did what is required of them,” he said.

In other action, council approved resolutions:

  • Authorizing the mayor to apply to NOACA for funding from the 2024 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program.
  • Authorizing an agreement with Engineered Air for a make-up air unit for the service department at a total cost of $26,500.
  • Authorizing an agreement with C & K Industrial Services Inc. to clean the Avery Road Pump Station.
  • To accept the donation of two parcels in the city from Perrico Property Systems LLC. ∞