Increase Your Comfort with Variable-Speed Equipment

by Tom Olecki, Owner, Broadview Heating

I just left a job where we finished replacing a furnace and air conditioning system that was more than 20 years old. As always, I asked the customer what they thought of the system as far as how it was cooling and about its sound quality. And, once again, I heard the same thing that all customers mention with regard to their new system. The clients noted how much quieter the new system is and how their home is heating and cooling more evenly. They also noted that the cooling seems more powerful but the unit is quieter overall and provides a “different kind of cool.”
So, what makes such a big difference with the new system? The answer is simple. We removed an old-fashioned single-stage heating and air conditioning system and replaced it with premium variable-speed furnace and air conditioning units.
Variable-speed equipment makes such a big difference because it is always precisely sized to the current weather conditions. It can vary its output to exactly match the load that is required without cycling on and off every 15 minutes. This cycling creates temperature swings in the home that we can feel. One moment we are too warm and then 15 minutes later we are too cold. Plus, old single-stage systems are not nearly as quiet as a variable-stage unit because they always run at maximum capacity, even if the home requires half the output because it is not super hot or cold outside.
The worst thing about short-cycling HVAC equipment is that it greatly affects all the components in the system, wearing them out much sooner than a variable system. Think about what is better for your car: stop and go city driving or a constant easy trip down any highway. Plus, you would never drive your car with only one speed either off or on with the gas pedal mashed to the floor. But this is exactly what your old single stage system is doing every time it is called on to heat or cool your home. Plus, this is why new variable speed equipment is so efficient. It doesn’t need to run “wide open” its whole life. It just calmly runs at a reduced gentle speed and heats or cools so quietly you will hardly know it is running.
If you are looking to replace your system, please consider variable speed. It’s quieter, more comfortable, will last longer and uses considerably less energy than any single-speed system. And, with available tax and energy credits it only costs a few hundred dollars more than single-speed units.

Questions are always welcome. For free help with your heating/cooling system, ask the experts at or call 440-526-7310.

Tom Olecki, Owner, Broadview Heating

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Questions are always welcome. For free help with your heating/cooling system, ask the experts at or call 440-526-7310.

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