Speed trailers return to township this spring

by Laura Bednar

Speed trailers will return to roads in Sagamore Hills in April after making their debut last year. These trailers are not equipped with cameras; they digitally flash the speed limit and the speed of passing motorists.

“The goal is to educate people that live in the community,” said Police Chief David Hayes, adding that there is no ticketing associated with the trailers.

The township owns two trailers, which were purchased using COVID-19 relief funds, according to Hayes. The safety unit within the Sagamore Hills Police Department determines the location of the trailers based on resident complaints and areas where officers know the speed limit is often exceeded. Trailers stay in place for a week with the intent to station them at as many roads as needed. Hayes said last year the trailers were placed along 47 different roadways.

“When we get speeding complaints, 80% of the people who violate the speed limit are members of the community,” said Hayes.

He said the hope is that people slow down on certain roads even after the trailers are gone. Police monitor areas well-known for speed violations after the trailers are moved.

Hayes said the program has been well received, and residents asked officers to bring the trailers back. The trailers will be used through fall. ∞