Letter to the Editor

To the Editor

Be compassionate for they know not what they are doing. While confusing others they demonstrate they themselves are confused.

Each of us shares irrefutable and unchangeable facts about our existence. We cannot change the time and date of our birth. We cannot change who are our biological parents.

Neither can we change our sex. We are born male and female. Those who deny this reality are offering confusion and chaos to the ones who are seeking self-acceptance.

They understand not self-acceptance is needed because it is absent in their homes.  Instead, they offer self-rejection making them twice the children of confusion.

Truth – You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Lie – You can change your sex.

They exchange the truth for a lie. They deny the truth and condemn its bearers.

Lacking understanding they seek a cause to establish their own self-righteousness. At the beginning of their journey, they feel good about themselves but it will not end well.                      

Bob Carson

Fitzwater Road, Brecksville ∞