Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Melissa Martin’s BBH Pride article paints them as a self-promoting adult group making inroads into the schools where they have welcoming staff and administration. Local youth “unsupported by their families” using BBH Pride for support is questionable and alarming.

Many of us see in our schools the autonomy of educators who are guided by weak unenforceable board policy. Some BBHCSD school staff are normalizing the sexualization of students through gender pronoun usage, biological reality confusion and inappropriate sex education curriculum resources.

When there is no board policy, staff members take latitude to interpret socially driven topics. For example: BBH guidance counselors involved GLSEN in our schools to provide an “inclusive environment” to prevent “bullying, harassment and discrimination.” Students suffer from depression, anxiety and social pressures for reasons unrelated to gender. Yet, BBHCSD chose an LGBTQ template to remedy psychological problems not caused by, but now implied because of gender issues. These children need loving parental care and unbiased psychotherapeutic mental health professionals, not affirmation.

This community wants a board of education and administration who: promote academic excellence, not social activism; believe in truth and transparency, not hiding gender-affirming plans from parents; are clear on curriculum content; are respectful and inclusive of families and students who believe in biological reality; make establishing a strong board policy their main priority.

Community members who want to join an action team for transparency in education, contact us at Bee the Light, a private Facebook site at BBHBeeTheLight@gmail.com.

Janice Lukas

Winding Way