Electric line maintenance tentatively scheduled

by Laura Bednar

April 10 township trustees meeting

Sagamore Township trustee John Zaccardelli said FirstEnergy made a preliminary summary of maintenance and tree trimming schedules for power lines in the township.

General maintenance is scheduled for 2027 along the following: A corridor that parallels the Metro Parks Bike and Hike Trail running south across Sagamore Road just West of Hawthorne Drive. It continues south and crosses over Valley View Road then Nesbitt Road. At Nesbitt the line splits and cross[es] Carter Road, West Aurora Road and eventually crosses Canyon View.

Tree trimming this year and normal maintenance in 2024 is planned for the line beginning on Sagamore Road east of Marymac Drive and continuing southeast where it crosses Houghton Road. It continues through a neighborhood area by Troubadour and Squire drives before cutting north of the Lawrence School and crossing Route 8 out of the township.

Another line will see tree trimming this year and normal maintenance in 2024. FirstEnergy said the line picks up on Nesbitt Road and follows the Bike and Hike Trail to the south crossing Merrit Drive, W. Aurora Road and Holzhauer Road until it cuts to the east and crosses south of Shearer Road, across Boyden and Brandywine roads.

“First Energy will not be sawing anything that runs along the bike path because it is too populated, but we may be sawing in the east/west running section that crosses Boyden and Brandywine roads,” according to the report.

Normal maintenance is planned for 2025 on the line starting at the bend in the road on Stanford Road and running through the back woods behind Brandywine Ski. It then cuts north across Highland Avenue and north of Highland, running through a neighborhood that includes Inverlane Drive, Kingsview Road and McNeil Drive. The line then makes a “t” cutting across one way to S. Boyden Road and another to the east where it crosses Brandywine Road.

Residents can visit the township website for more information as the estimated dates approach.


Zaccardelli said that ReWorks recycling company will offer Summit County residents the opportunity to recycle household hazardous waste at its center on 1201 Graham Rd. in Stow from June 1-Sept. 28. The center is open on Thursdays from 2-7 p.m. Accepted items can be found at summitreworks.com/hhw. Latex paint is not accepted, but items with non-removable batteries such as electric toothbrushes, key fobs, vapes and e-cigarettes are. Scrap tires are accepted with a $1 per tire fee and a limit of 10 tires per vehicle.

In other action

Trustees approved the purchase of 10 GETAC body cameras and two car cameras for the police department for $32,763. Police Chief David Hayes said the current cameras and car equipment, purchased seven years ago, are outdated and beyond repair. The township will use American Rescue Plan Act funds to pay for the new cameras.

Nathan Foth was hired as part-time summer seasonal employee for the service/roads department for $15 per hour from May 1-Sept. 29.

The township purchased a new backhoe for the service/roads department for $141,909 through the state cooperative purchasing program, according to trustee Paul Schweikert. He also said the township’s new 1-ton truck was recalled after reports that it could catch fire if parked indoors. ∞