Editor’s Note

After receiving several questions regarding the anonymous school survey cited as part of the May 2023 cover story introducing BBH Pride to the community, we asked Breckvsville-Broadview Heights Superintendent Joelle Magyar to confirm the details of that study for our readers.

Magyar said the Youth Risk Assessment Survey has been administered to BBH students in grades 7-12 every other year since 2004 by the Community Awareness and Prevention Association (CAPA). The findings reported in our article were generated from the most recent survey conducted in 2021. As part of the survey’s demographic questions, students were asked about their gender identity and 10% said they were part of the LBGTQ community. Another 6% stated they were unsure.

Magyar said parents were notified prior to the 2021 survey of their right to request that their child not partake in the survey. ∞